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  In 1998, Lawyer Henderson started Proper English Films in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. But, later change the name to Cinema City Pictures inc in 2001 when Henderson partnered with Oklahoma filmmaker DK Grant of Grant Bros Studios.  In 2004, the company announced that it will move it's head quarters to Atlanta, Ga.  The first short film produced by the company was  " A criminal at Heart". released in 2006. Between 2007 to 2010, the company was mainly focus on film acquisitions, Movie consultant, film representation and  DVD and CD wholesaling with various of vendors and other clients. But,  within that same year, the company released it's first feature film, " the Governor's  Daughters".  In and 2013, the company went through a phase of reorganization and incorporated under the trade name CCPI media LLC.  In was at that time, that the company started producing, financing and distributing highly commercial films for a broad audience. Today, with co-partnership with other film studios, banks, film finance companies and other friends, Cinema City pictures inc is currently producing highly successful urban films with a movie slate of 8 films per year for a worldwide market.

Senior Management Team 

 Lawyer Henderson                      Aial Jones                   Andrew Sherrod                        Dominique Ringgold

      President/CEO                       Co-Producer                Head of Production                    Acquisitions 

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