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Cinema City Pictures wants documentary on " Black girl Magic" routine

(Atlanta, Ga) (Feb 23, 2021) If " Black Girl Magic" is real, we want to know about it", Producers at Cinema City Pictures says. The recent elections of Joe Biden and his Vice-president Kamala Harris got society talking about Black girl magic. Now, A new documentary is about to be finance and produce over the subject matter. The question of rather black women along can get a presidential candidate in office is often looked on as " deceptive" and " Ego stroking "according to those in the conscious community.

However, Filmmaker Valerie Chastain wants to prove that black women do have power to influenced political elections and there outcomes and work with CCPI media LLC on a new film to prove it.

" You could see clearly, that we are behind the scenes pushing for candidates from our community getting elected because of black women support" she claims.

" The irony here, is to provide the evidence of our influence on presidential elections and other political offices by doing this documentary on that truth". she continued.

Chastain mentions people such as Symone Sanders and Angela Rye to name a few to prove her point in the upcoming unscripted documentary film, " Black Girl Politicin...the truth behind the politics" . When asked if Chastain is a member of LGBT community she said no, but said she do support them.

Cinema City Pictures said it would co-produced the film if it is about empowering black women, but, caution against any LGBT relative material or movies that bash black men.

" Most of the films we produced are drama, Action, suspense, horror , and exercise, we don't have a category or interest in any other material..., that has always been the selection on our slate. ", Gary Henry, A spokesman for the company said.

We have a lot of gays and lesbians in our films, although we do not support the life style". Henry added.

The company has always claim, it produces films and cast based on talent and not on a person's lifestyle.

Chastain will be interviewing women and men for the upcoming film project follow by a release in late October.

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