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Cinema City Pictures registered " Daveon & Makayla" domain name

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

(Atlanta, Ga) (Feb 12,2021) By Lynn Crawford

Cinema City Pictures has announced that the company have registered " Daveon & Makayla", movie domain, a source familiar with the news said on Tuesday.

" Daveon & Makayla" is an urban love story about Makayla Mc James, an assistant general hotel manager who uses the hotel she manages for her escort business.

But, when she meets Daveon, a insurance executive, he tries to convince her, that he is all she needs. But, Makayla, ignoring true love could damage her own rep when everyone in the city finds out 'what she does for extra money' on the weekend.

" Daveon & Makayla" is an adaptation from Author Lawyer Henderson who "wrote the book" and "screenplay" for the urban drama.

The novel will be released first followed by movie released at the end of 2021.

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