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As A independent film distributor, Cinema city pictures sells films we distribute and release to foreign markets.  We can also do the same for movies, TV programs, and music  we acquire by other filmmakers. We know what international sales reps and buyers look for and work with companies globally to release feature films abroad.   We have sale agents in almost every country, rather it be Africa, Europe, are the Asia Markets, we will work with our international partners for distributing or releasing your project everywhere.

 What makes us so unique, is that we do market research for your film and license your project to the respected  region we believe your movie will be more successful. we can also work with you if you only have limited rights for United States and Canada, but want us to release your project to other countries such as France, Italy, China, South Africa, Nigeria, Japan, the Caribbean, Brazil and other territories. 

                                                        These are list of film festivals and Markets 

                 AFM       Festival De Cannes      Sundance        American Black film festival NATPE

                                                         And more!!!!!

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