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  Daveon & Makayla       Plot running time 86 mins    2021
   Stars:  Jared Gray , Karonda Amor 

 Daveon meets Makayla as a hotel escort  and when the city finds out, her whole world falls apart. Based on the up coming novel produced by Film Director Lawyer J. Henderson brings the urban novel to the big screen.
Justice For George Floyd-Atlanta style 2022      Plot   running time 71  2022
After the death of George Floyd,  Documentarian Lawyer
Henderson went downtown Atlanta to interview and to cover what
the Atlanta community thinks of the Death of another black man
killed by Police.

WHERE IS TARASHA BENJAMIN (RE-RELEASE  2021 )-(cold Case re-investigated)

 Tarasha Benjamin 2014 documentary re-release in 2021. Former Selma PD officer Bart Watkins Hires former State Trooper Steven Smith Jr to kidnapped the Selma teen.  The documentary explores if Tarasha is living under an assume name or was she murdered in her boyfriend's car by Smith Jr. 
   Documentary  TV SERIES  
Running time 73 mins 
release date: Sept 19 2021 

TRUE FRIEND        2Oliver 022     THE MOVIE  

  College Senior Tameka Oliver enroll at a new HBCU and learn of her Long lost Cousin Shania Grant.  But, when bestfriend Terri and Boyfriend TK Lavender investigate the truth , what will Tameka do ? after all, blood is thicker then water!

Running time:87  mins 
release 2022


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